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The purpose of a retaining wall

February 23 2024

Did you know that a retaining wall is not just for looks? The true purpose of a retaining wall is essentially to keep things in place! It “retains”, which means to hold or keep in place, the material and earth that is behind the retaining wall.   A retaining wall that is created, designed, and […]

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Excavation company for hire

December 15 2023

Since 1999, Broad Excavating has been the solution for many different excavating services for homeowners and businesses alike. When you combine the passion for the work we do, with our many years of onsite knowledge and experience, you will have a job that is done right! In addition, we truly care for our customers on […]

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Retaining wall ideas

April 21 2023

Do you want or need a retaining wall? Many people think that a retaining wall is mainly for aesthetic reasons. Although it can be, the main reason and purpose for a retaining wall is within its name. It is to provide structural support to help keep soil in place and to help retain it. During […]

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Helping with your water problems

October 7 2022

Do you have water issues and have no idea where to start? Regardless if you have a new water issue, or an old one that has resurfaced due to our recent rainfalls, we can help! We provide solutions including retention walls, swales, runoff options, French drain systems, and many others. Our team of experts will […]

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In need of a retaining wall?

September 13 2021

Do you have a sloped area that continues to produce runoff? A retaining wall structure just might be your answer. If you are unsure of what you need, but know that you are in need of something, we would be glad to help! For more on finding out what solution will work best for your […]

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Timing is everything

February 1 2021

Trying to beat that crucial time from right after the freeze to the ground being saturated with water? At Broad Excavating we specialize in water solutions. We know that every yard and topography is different and therefore each job is unique. If you are worried about what the Winter / Spring showers may do to […]

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Retaining Wall option

June 12 2020

Do you have a sloped area that continues to create problems no matter what you try to do?  Have you considered a retaining wall as an option?  A retaining wall is the perfect application for sloped or cut off areas.  Give us a call to discuss more. or 610-588-6941

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Building a Retaining Wall

September 13 2019

Looking to protect an area from collecting debris or having it wash out?  That is the main purpose of a retaining well, to help “retain” everything in place.  If you’re in need, give us a call, we would be glad to help 610-588-6941

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Landscape wall

June 28 2019

Looking for results like this, but are not sure where to begin?  It starts with calling Broad Excavating! 610-588-6941  

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Water coming in your foundation?

March 12 2019

Do you have water seeping into your foundation?  Have you looked at how the water settles around your house?  At Broad Excavating we will look and come up with a French drain solution that’s right for you and your home. For more visit  

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