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Demolition and Haul Away Services

February 11 2022

Have the winter elements left you with a dangerous or partially collapsed structure? We offer demolition as well as haul away options. Call today for more 610-588-6941.

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Collapsing structure

October 1 2021

Do you have a structure or building on your property that is barely standing? In the coming months winter will be here and heavily packed snow will continue to put weight on the structure. We offer demolition and haul away services and can remove that unwanted structure before winter arrives. The team at Broad Excavating […]

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Structure or Object on your property that needs to be removed?

August 13 2021

Do you have a structure or object on your property that needs professional help? At Broad Excavating we have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to help. From demolition, tear down, clean up, refill, removal, and much more, we hope that you will allow our team to help. Begin discussing your current project by calling 610-588-6941. […]

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Supporting our troops

May 14 2021

Armed Forces Day is tomorrow Saturday, May 15th. We would like to thank all of those that serve this country!

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Needing Demo work done?

February 26 2021

Do you have a building or structure on your property that needs to be removed or torn down? We specialize in demolition work, so do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 610-588-6941

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Winter is here on Monday!

December 18 2020

Monday marks the first day of winter! Is time running out for your outdoor project? Maybe it’s time to call in the experts.

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Property debris removal

August 21 2020

Do you have a structure or debris on your property that you need removed or torn down? Broad Excavating is your answer. Give us a call to get started 610-588-6941

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Tear Down Structure

May 29 2020

Do you have an old structure on your property that you would like removed? Whether it is an eyesore, safety issue, or both, we are here to help. We offer demolition services and can remove structures including: House teardowns, House fires, Dilapidated Barns, Unsecured structures, Inground swimming pools, and much more.   If you have […]

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Unstable or unsafe structure

April 17 2020

Do you have an unsafe structure that is on your property that needs to be removed?  We hope you pick up the phone and give us a call to ask about our demolition services.  We look forward to getting you scheduled today 610-588-6941

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We do demo work too

October 7 2019

Are you in need of demolition work?  From tear down to haul away, regrading and even seeding, we can remove your old dilapidated structure and make it look like it never existed.  Reach out to get started today 610-588-6941.

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