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Septic Solutions

August 27 2021

Septic issues? Not only can we help with Water / Sewer issues, but sometimes septic repairs can be done. We have experience in all the many different types of septic systems and drainage systems that the Lehigh Valley and Poconos have. Call 610-588-6941 with questions or to schedule your service.

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Septic repair and more

April 9 2021

If you feel you are having septic issues, we urge you to give us a call. In some cases, the problem can be fixed, while others may require a complete new system. Broad Excavating can handle both! Call 610-588-6941 to get started.

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Need septic help?

February 12 2021

Are you experiencing septic issues? At Broad Excavating we specialize in removal and installation. We are here to answer any questions you may have, call 610-588-6941.

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Septic System Repairs

September 18 2020

Septic issues? Depending on the style of septic system that you have, repairs sometimes can be an option. If you think your septic is acting up, give us a call at 610-588-6941.

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Septic Systems

May 1 2020

Septic Issues? We are here to troubleshoot the issue that you are having, and discuss what solutions can be done.  Give us a call today 610-588-6941 or

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Septic System or Turkey Mound

November 15 2019

If you are like many in this area, then you most likely have a septic mound in your backyard.  This is also often better known as a turkey mound.  This is a very effective drainage system, although if not maintained or pumped regularly, you could run into more serious issues.   If you find yourself […]

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Septic woes?

June 14 2019

Septic issues? Worry not, at Broad Excavating we can come in and replace your septic for you. For more visit  

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Septic Repair and Septic Installation

February 19 2019

Septic problems?  From repair to complete new installation we can help.  

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Septic Repair

December 17 2018

This is not the time of the year that you want to be having septic issues. Sometimes repairs can be done before replacement is needed.  At Broad Excavating we can troubleshoot issues you may have and discuss solutions. We have experience in many types of septic systems including drainage fields, inground, drip systems, low profile […]

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Need sewer line help?

August 17 2018

For the hard to reach places, like a broken sewer line under your house, Broad Excavating is here to help!  Visit or call 610-588-6941 today!

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