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New Grass or New Yard?

August 31 2018

”I wish I had a yard like that”. Don’t prepare next year, start the preparation now! Grow your grass in springtime but establish it this fall. If you need help establishing your yard, reach out to us today or 610-610-588-6941

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If it’s in the Dirt, we do it!

August 24 2018

Don’t know if your job falls under “excavating work?”  We have a pretty simple rule of thumb here at Broad Excavating, we say “if it’s in the dirt, we do it”.  We look forward to speaking with you soon

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Need sewer line help?

August 17 2018

For the hard to reach places, like a broken sewer line under your house, Broad Excavating is here to help!  Visit or call 610-588-6941 today!

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Doing excavating right since 1999

August 10 2018

Since 1999 Broad Excavating has been providing true excavating services throughout the Northeast PA region.  Get your Free Estimate today – visit

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Commercial Excavator

August 3 2018

From site development to back-filling, demolition, grading and utility line installation, we have many commercial services to offer you.  Visit on how to get started today.

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Are you having water problems?

July 27 2018

The rains recently have caused flash floods and water problems for many. If you are having water issues, or need of water runoff solutions, Broad Excavating is here to help. Call us today and let’s discuss your options 610-610-588-6941.

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Foundation, digging, planning.

July 20 2018

Looking to add a nice detached multi bay garage or utility building?  We can help clear away the area, grade, dig for the foundation, and more.  Visit

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Demolition work

July 12 2018

Do you have a pesky building or structure on your property that you want removed, but just don’t have the machinery to do so?  Pick up the phone, we can help! Call 610-588-6941

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Independence Day

July 4 2018

We here at Broad Excavating wish you a safe 4th of July.

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Excavator for Hire

June 29 2018

Broad Excavating is one of the true, and leading, excavating companies in the Lehigh Valley, Slate Belt regions, as well as the Poconos.   Not sure if your project is part of our services?  We have a pretty simple slogan – “if it’s in the dirt, we do it”.  We hope to be hearing from […]

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